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clients tell their stories

I came to Japan 7 years ago to study Japanese in Kyoto. After finishing my studies, I wanted to stay in Japan and continue m study. I found progress and joined their English course. Now I work for IT company as interpreter. When I needed help going to doctors, I needed to explain about my medical history. progress staff drived me to hospital and explained everything for me. I feel safe having progress always by my side.

We asked progress when we needed to get a passport for my new born daughter. Documents were difficut for me and needed translation for the birth certificate. progress took care of all the paperworks and their service is worth asking.

My 2 children had to move to Japan not knowing Japanese and entered school here. progress talked to school and always support us with everyday information which I need to know about school. Also learning Japanese at progress.

When we needed to work in Japan and left my daughter in Philippine with her grandmother, we settled here earnning money to continue our life here. We wanted our daughter to come to Japan to live with us, progress helped to proceed necessary documents work and we could get visas for our daughter.

When our dog needed emergency help, we contacted progress and asked what to do. They picked us up and took to vet and explained the situation. Our dog has survived and doing well thanks to progress.