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passionate about life, work & people... that is how we are

Born in Brasil and came to Japan 25 years ago. Learning is my passion and love to communicate with people. My job is to teach cross-cultural communication and business manners to work in Japan. English, Japanese and Portuguese, come to learn in my class. I like ravelling, trekking & meeting people.
"Where there is a will, there is a way"
Living in Japan for all my life. I learned English at progress and later joined to work with progress. Translation work, Interpretation, going to schools to support and help to introduce online selling. These days I am helping to sell things at MERCARI, Yahoo & Rakuten site. Love to excercise.
Studied in Japan for 3 years and continuing my life here in Japan. Sometimes I teach at local company, community and schools. Finding jobs, opportunities, information, please let me know.
Working for progress for 3 years. I translate marriage certificate, immigration paper and help people to get to work, hospital and schools. My passion is to make people happy and safe living here in Japan.
Used to teach in Junior high in Tokyo. Passionate about science. I like hotsprings here and love Japane foods.