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growing together


We started our business back in 2000 in Ishikawa, Japan as a small language instituion. Since then, the business has reached over 1000 people helping to find jobs, entering schools, getting married and going to hospitals etc etc. Being happy together with our frieds in these 25 years made us proud and trustworthy.

group introduction

Fisk English, Japanese Language learning service
Pensar Seminar, lessons cross-cultural learning for company, school & public spaces 
progress Translation, Interpretation & life support in all kinds


  • Fight together for COVID-19. We are helping who needs masks & facegurds.
  • Office has new environment having partation, acrylic boards to avoid risks infected by COVID-19.
  • Zoom meeting available. Please contact.


Japan has been almost a Monoethnic country since its foundation and well known to be an island of high-technology. We have been providing services for those who needs support to live, work, study, have family, travel and getting along with Japanese in Japan. progress staff has their own experience living in Japan for quite some time lerning how to get along with people, live a comfortable life avoiding troubles and difficulties & build a new, wonderful life here in Japan. Let's find out the best way for our good life. Life is good.... it should be...that is our philosophy and it should be attributed equally to everyone.

our attitudes towards SDGs

We consider the resolution of the SDG themes as an important issue and will strive to improve the enterprise value of progress and create a sustainable society by helping to resolve social issues pursued by international society through business and corporate activities which leverage our strengths in education, support & environment. All of us at progress are united as one in addressing the SDGs to resolve the problems faced by people and society and making further contributions to achieving the sustainable society which is the purpose of the SDGs.