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who we are

our mission is to make our life a little easier

progress is here to support, provide & attend you to fulfill your needs to be able to live a comfortable life here in Japan. Having 20 years of experience of assistance in Japan, we have come to know the needs, requirements & handle things as smoothly as possible to make the most of your living experience in Japan.

We support people who needs translation on their birth certificate, registration paper, relation letter for immigration etc. Also we attend you to go to immigration office or city hall and to your children's school.

Our job is to make everything go smoother, easier and better.


location 2-3-7, Chuou, Echizen-shi, Fukui, Japan 〒915-0814 (near post office) 
telephone 0778-21-1294 


contact person Please ask for Josh either by telephone or email.

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